Room Hire

Neetside has 17 different sized meeting rooms used by charities, organisations and professionals, from both the care and wellbeing sector and the community and voluntary sector. Rooms vary from small offices for sole working, consultation rooms for two people through to mid-range rooms which accommodate meetings for up to 10 people through to larger rooms with a capacity of up to 30 people. We also have rooms for permanent hire if you wish to settle down and want a serviced office in a thriving community. The team at Neetside will advise you on the best room for your need.

Organisations, groups, individuals Hired Us
People through our doors
Average number of hours hired pcm

Half/Full day hire

£21 per half day (Weekdays 9am-1pm or 1-5pm)

£40 per day (Weekdays 9am – 5pm)

Per Hour hire

£7 per hour (or part of)
This applies to:

Sole Traders
(those who own their own business and have no other employees)
Community Groups or Charities
(those who operate entirely on a volunteer base with no paid employees7

Per Hour hire

£11 per hour (or part of)
This applies to:

Registered Charities with employed persons/public sector
Businesses/Companies with paid employees and registered with companies house

Room Hire for all groups of 10 people or more

£11 per hour (or part of)
£21 over the hour

Other Info

We make every effort to ensure our Hirers are charged the fee that works out the most economical for them. All Neetside staff are happy to discuss charges, so if you have any questions, please just ask.

Terms and Conditions:
All Hirers must abide by our Terms and Conditions of Hire and our Code of Conduct. Copies of which can be found under the ‘Official Documents’ heading at the bottom of this page. In addition we require hirers to provide proof of public liability insurance.

We require 48 working hours’ notice to cancel room hire. Outside of this period Hirers will still be charged for the booking.

Hourly bookings:
Hirers can book an hours slot on the basis that the room will be hired before and after. In addition, the full hour will always be charged. e.g. if the room is required from 9 – 10.30am, 2 hours will be charged.

Booking across half day sessions:
If you booked 10am – 2pm, this would be considered a half day e.g. 10am – 1pm plus 1 hour from the 1-5pm session. Therefore you will be charged half day rate (£21) plus one hour (£7 or £11). The same would apply if you book 12.30 – 3pm. In this example the fee would be 3 x hourly rate. 

Block Booking hours:
There will be a minimum charge of £15 for sole traders or community groups who book/reserve a half day slot but (for whatever reason) only use for an hour and do not give the required 48 working hours’ notice.

Having a Permanent Base at Neetside
About half of our rooms are hired by  organisations wanting to have a permanent base in Bude/North Cornwall. If you are looking to settle down and want serviced offices in a thriving community hub please do contact us to see what is available and have a look round. Depending on the size of the space you need and type of organisation you are, prices start from £90 per week, including all bills except phone and broadband.

Booking Enquiry Form

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If you’re interested please contact us on 01288 353403 or email or just pop in for a chat and we’ll be pleased to show you around.